The adventures of Mark & Mira in America (1)

16 Phoenix WBC07.jpgWow, that was quite a trip. Travelling 46 hours and 20.000 km in 6 days, from 12 C to 32 C, by plane, rental car, taxi and golf cart… But it was fun. We travelled from Amsterdam to Atlanta to meet with a couple that are interested in our ministry. They have a fantastic place about 2 hours north of Atlanta, in the midst of the Georgia woods. The next day we travelled to Phoenix to attend the World Briefing Conference, a conference for Campus Crusade for Christ partners to update them what is happening around the world. Not only did we attend, we were also able to present some of what we are doing here in The Netherlands.

It was good to be there, establish new relationships and friendships, and seeing that God is moving through the entire world. Now read the other posts for the whole story…

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