Forgive to live

It was my turn to speak in church once again. I chose the topic of forgiveness, on which I never spoke but I did blog about it. And as I wrote in that post, forgiveness is pivotal in maintaining relationships, but it is not the goal of it. The whole point of forgiveness is to get a life – literally, if we talk about forgiveness of sins by God, to us. Today’s focus was on that side of the story: understanding and receiving Gods total and once-and-for-all forgiveness, in order to live with Him and in order to extend forgiveness to others. You can find my sermon notes here and the bible verses here:

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Greeks & Giants

This blog seems to turn into a travel blog, because my last update was on the trip to the States, and tomorrow I’ll be off for another trip, this time to Greece. But in between a lot is happening as well, for which I do not always find the time or the right words to write about. I’ve been busy with many different things: today … Lees verder Greeks & Giants