Greeks & Giants
Greeks & Giants

Greeks & Giants

This blog seems to turn into a travel blog, because my last update was on the trip to the States, and tomorrow I’ll be off for another trip, this time to Greece. But in between a lot is happening as well, for which I do not always find the time or the right words to write about. I’ve been busy with many different things: today I finally got to sit down with the great guys from HQ School, our artistic-discipleship ministry. A unique ministry with unique people, with a passion to see young people find their God-given destiny. Yesterday I met up with Open Doors, another unique ministry (but not ours, of course), which was very inspiring. But it ain’t all gold that glitters. In the night before, I wrestled with a number of difficult things (at least, difficult from my perspective). And I believe God told me that night to go out and kill those giants – to get those things out of the way of in order to move ahead. He pointed me to the biblical story of the spies who went into the Promised Land: 10 said it would be impossible to conquer it (and they were certainly right from a human perspective), and only 2 looked at it from Gods perspective: with Gods help, they would certainly be able to take possession of the land. So they did, and in the same way I believe that we can kill the giants that we face: finances, lack of resources, difficult relationships, whatever.

So, tomorrow I’ll be of to biblical grounds: Thessaloniki. Looking forward to see some ancient history there. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Wow, you guys are busy!
    Gaaf wat je schrijft over ‘killing the giants’ het is zo waar!
    Ik was al een tijdje niet op jullie blog geweest, it has improved a lot!! Erg tof. Veel zegen op de weg die jullie nu gaan.
    Greetings from the cold cold netherlands 😉

    Ps. check mn blog ff, ben ook weer druk bezig…

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