Rotterdam, Atlanta, Phoenix

Currently making preparations for another trip: next Wednesday Mira and I will fly to Atlanta, and the next day to Phoenix, to meet with potential supporters for Agapè, and especially the Rotterdam developments. I think it’s safe to say this is a unique opportunity, as many of the people we’ll meet have a heart for missions and are involved in some way with Campus Crusade … Lees verder Rotterdam, Atlanta, Phoenix

Wanted: winners

We’re back from the Agapè staff conference at De Bron in Dalfsen. We had a great time with a lot of good input by Jan den Ouden, Bram Krol and others, talks, and a very positive atmosphere. We made some slight changes to the regular program that made it a little more relaxed than most conferences, such as an after-party in the pub. It was … Lees verder Wanted: winners

Moving, doing

It’s Monday morning, and I’m sitting at my desk, staring at the screen. As is often the case, I need some time (& coffee) to get started after the weekend – nothing seems to come out of my hands yet. Ironically, yesterday I spoke at the Christengemeente Amsterdam about stepping out and moving forward, and later that day we also talked about being doers and … Lees verder Moving, doing

Agape Challenge

Going to the office on Saturday is not a habit of mine, but today I was there to sit in with the first ‘Agapè Challenge’ – the one-day introduction to the organisation and philosophy of Agapè. Colleagues Peter, Henk and Freek talked about things like the Great Commission, Win-Build-Send, discipleship and transferable concepts, mostly from a biblical context. I was glad to discover again that … Lees verder Agape Challenge