Winterevent in Rotterdam-Delfshaven

“Contact met de mensen uit de wijk, daar draait het allemaal om” ROTTERDAM – Het stadsteam van Agapè in Rotterdam-Delfshaven organiseert van 27-31 december een Winterevent. Ruim 50 sporters trekken samen met een groep vrijwilligers uit lokale kerken Delfshaven in om met de kerst het goede nieuws te brengen. Athletes in Action, de sporttak van […]

Money, money, money

My life has been circling around the topic of money for the last couple of months. In Agapè we are still running the campaign of ‘Funding the Family Business’, dealing with the changes in our structure of staff finances. Not only will staff be employed in the near future, for many this is also the […]

Pondering on prayer

I keep pondering on the topic of prayer these days. Yesterday, Mira touched the subject of praying for the city in her sermon in church, and we put it into practise rightaway. Last Friday I was in Rotterdam doing student outreach, and again while talking to a foreign student, I felt the urge to pray […]

New Spirituality

Heard an interesting lecture this morning by Robert Doornenbal during our monthly staff meeting (called ‘Pitstops’). We are currently exploring different trends in society that affect our work and ministry, and Robert shared some insights in new spirituality, being one of those trends. Some of the stuff he mentioned is worthwhile repeating: Recent research shows […]

Best shots so far

We made a walk through the Bosrandpark (Forestside Park), the park right behind our house. It is a nice area with a small section of ‘real forest’, where you actually walk between the trees and feel like you’re out in the countryside. Of course I took the camera to make some pictures. I managed to […]

Trying the new cam

My mom gave me a special present: a digital SLR camera. She has one herself, and every time we’re around I used to play a bit with it. So one day she suggested I got one myself… and there it came, last Friday. A wonderful thing, that needs a lot of attention to get the […]

Short update on Finland

Busy as never before… physically challenging, but mentally fully alive. I should update on Finland, where I visited the Christ Day and forum on prayer, over a week ago. Actually it was better than I had thought, but in a different way. The forum on prayer was inspiring, but less concrete than I had hoped […]

Amazing Grace for politicians and paupers

Monday night we were invited to the Dutch premiere of ‘Amazing Grace‘, the movie about William Wilberforce and his lifelong political campaign against slave trade and social injustice. A moving story, well pictured, and from an interesting angle. Slave trade as such was not so much the topic as were the personal struggles of Wilberforce […]