Next Generation Leader Development

Last week Marc van der Woude and myself were invited to give some input at an Agape Europe meeting concerning Leader Development. Marc made some great comments on the basics of leader development: Nothing can replace living/walking with Christ. People who breathe the presence of Christ impart even without teaching. Train with multiplication in mind and expect leaders to multiply themselves in others and make … Lees verder Next Generation Leader Development

Fun(d) & friends

This weekend, a couple of international friends came to visit The Netherlands. Fund Development experts El & Debbie Ridder, together with Horst Reiser, paid us a visit. They stayed in Hotel De Wereld (the World) in Wageningen, a historic place as this hotel is where World War II ended officially for The Netherlands at 5 May 1945. I have a personal connection to this place, … Lees verder Fun(d) & friends

Tomas two

Our little boy is growing up… Tomas turned two yesterday! We celebrated it today with friends, grandpa and grandma. And although he has discovered the gift of receiving and unpacking the presents for some time already, his sisters could not resist the temptation of helping him: “Look, Tomas, look! Do it like this! Here, you see?” And as a dad I must say I am … Lees verder Tomas two