Fun(d) & friends

5meiwageningen.jpg This weekend, a couple of international friends came to visit The Netherlands. Fund Development experts El & Debbie Ridder, together with Horst Reiser, paid us a visit. They stayed in Hotel De Wereld (the World) in Wageningen, a historic place as this hotel is where World War II ended officially for The Netherlands at 5 May 1945. I have a personal connection to this place, because my grandfather was the one to make the fence-memorial back in the 40’s (see picture). Unfortunately, this historic connotation cannot undo the fact that it is a very noisy place because there are many bars and clubs around…

On Saturday, we took the Ridders to the Oostvaardersplassen, the bird reserve close to our home. We had the privilige to see a number of deer (red stags), geese and Heck cattle. Really wonderful!

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