No, I’m not dead yet… although at the moment, I feel barely alive. That is mainly because we just returned from a week of holiday in Spain this morning and I need some sleep…

For some reason I did not feel like blogging nor found the time to do so these last couple of weeks. I actually believe it is the first full month without a post since the start of this blog five years ago. And as always, less blogging means more real life stuff… As you might have read, we’re implementing some (legal) structure changes within Agape. (By the way: interesting to read what others have to say about that). And of course we’ve had the Why Easter campaign, already over a month ago. Last week Wouter and I had the opportunity to share this event with European staff in Barcelona. This goes to say that we’ve been quite busy, trying to cope with the many things that come with the responsibility. At the same time we are very blessed (as you can see for yourself in the Cabrils picture gallery :))

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