Orange leadership lessons

VdVaart I had planned to post a blog on ‘Orange Leadership Lessons’ last week, when things were still very different from today. This is what I would have come up with:

The Dutch stun the world… with a sudden, unexpected performance at the Euro 2008 soccer championship. What is their secret? Is there anything to learn from this experience?

Most answers I heard to this question had something to do with the team-element. And I agree – I think the fact that the Dutch were actually acting as a team was very crucial. It was almost the same group of players as in the months before, and those that were expelled from the team were so precisely because of their (alleged) non-contribution to the team.

So, let’s see what a succesful team is. Within Agapè, we use Pat McMillan’s ‘The Performance Factor’ to improve ourselves. McMillan comes up with a model that consists of 6 key factors that determine team succes: Lees verder “Orange leadership lessons”