When bad things happen…

I just read my Twitter entry from Monday, saying that I felt physically miserable but spiritually okay. It would be too much to say that I now feel spiritually miserable, but I certainly feel shaken due to a number of things happening these last few days. Some of them are really good: the barbecue, strengthening […]


Last Saturday was the day: the First Novemberstraat Buurtbarbecue was held! With some 15 neighbours we had a good time at the field next to our block. The weather was perfect, and in the afternoon the kids kicked off with a bouncer castle and kids’ games. The party got off right with the firing of […]

A multiplying movement team

Just received this picture of the Agapè student ministry team 2008-2009. The team has doubled this last year! I am as excited as they are about what is happening. The three people on the right (Arjan, Marianne and Leendert) will be sent out to the UK for a year of on-the-job training. Hannah (middle) and […]

Site updates

Did some updating to the site. Most important change is an updated library, including a direct link to it. I wrote a couple of reviews of books that I read this summer. And, as I said, there are a couple of new picture galleries. Also fixed the feeds in the sidebar as they did not […]

No condemnation!

During the summer, I was struck again by the radical message: in Jesus, there is no condemnation anymore! Everything that needed condemnation and punishment was dealt with at the cross two thousand years ago – even our future sins! When we accept Jesus’ sacrifice, we don’t have to live with guilt or shame anymore. On […]

Back home

We’re back, holiday’s over. We’ve had a great time in France and after that here at home. Below a few pics from this last couple of weeks. Many, many more pictures in the picture gallery. ___