A multiplying movement team

Just received this picture of the Agapè student ministry team 2008-2009. The team has doubled this last year! I am as excited as they are about what is happening. The three people on the right (Arjan, Marianne and Leendert) will be sent out to the UK for a year of on-the-job training. Hannah (middle) and Maarten & Marianne just returned from the UK from different locations.

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In the picture from left to right: Tiny Veltman, Renske Veltman, Henk Veltman, Matthijs van den Broek, Maarten Gast, Agnes van den Broek, Miranda Gast, Hannah Paauwe, Sieneke Ribberink, Dennis van den Broek, Egbert Ribberink with Jopke, Heiko van den Broek, Arjan Admiraal, Marianne and Leendert de Jong.

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