Deeply rooted, growing strong

Back from the annual staff conference, as always held in Dalfsen. The conference center changed its name to ‘Mooirivier’ (Beautiful River’) and had been completely upgraded and restyled. An real improvement!

The conference was great. It is just amazing to see how God is bringing things together. Saturday morning gave an overview on everything that Agapè is doing, which was very inspiring, even for me – although I was the one who set up the framework, it was a surprise to see the actual presentations and the red threat through them. I think it was a wonderful way of presenting ourselves also to the some 50 guests from outside Agapè.

Another highlight was Gert van de Vijver’s performance on Saturday night. A wonderful interaction with Jefta Alberts, they threw a party of singing, drama, mime, and sand magic… (see the Youtube clips of the Sand Magician). The kids loved it.

We were tired to the bone when we got home yesterday. Slept in a bit this morning, and now back to work… but with a ‘thankful heart’ as we say in Christianese.

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