Short update on Finland

Busy as never before… physically challenging, but mentally fully alive. I should update on Finland, where I visited the Christ Day and forum on prayer, over a week ago. Actually it was better than I had thought, but in a different way. The forum on prayer was inspiring, but less concrete than I had hoped […]

Amazing Grace for politicians and paupers

Monday night we were invited to the Dutch premiere of ‘Amazing Grace‘, the movie about William Wilberforce and his lifelong political campaign against slave trade and social injustice. A moving story, well pictured, and from an interesting angle. Slave trade as such was not so much the topic as were the personal struggles of Wilberforce […]

Worldwide day of Prayer

Today is Agape’s Global Day of Prayer. All around the world staff dedicates this day to prayer instead of the daily activities. For the first time in a long time, the Netherlands also participates. So today we gathered with about 60 staff in Voorthuizen to pray for our country, for Agape, for the church, and […]

Finance and ethics

Yesterday I attended another meeting of a so-called ‘Christian Leadership Council’. It was held at the headquarters of Rabobank in Utrecht, and one of their Board members, former Minister of Economic Affairs Joop Wijn, held a very interesting speech. He zoomed in on the ethical aspects of banking and how Rabobank wants to incorporate ethical […]