Short update on Finland

Busy as never before… physically challenging, but mentally fully alive. I should update on Finland, where I visited the Christ Day and forum on prayer, over a week ago. Actually it was better than I had thought, but in a different way. The forum on prayer was inspiring, but less concrete than I had hoped for; at the other hand, the vision that was cast was much stronger than I had expected. The Christ Day itself, on Saturday 18th, was an interesting experience. I guess we really saw some Finnish culture: very quiet, introvert, but friendly and helpful people. A wide range of christian traditions were represented on stage as well as in the program. The most intriguing thing was to have traditional hymns at the start and a charismatic prayer for healing near the end of the program. I thought it was quite bold not to go for the lowest common denominator, but to seek the breadth and variety of christianity. The extra dimension to the trip was the Dutch company – of different backgrounds, we quickly felt at ease and saw new friendships grow.

Below a few pictures; see the picture gallery for more and see also here for more pics.

The Dutch delegation at Turku HallInternational Flag parade24 countries represented at the ForumWim and Robbert being tourist


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