Pondering on prayer

I keep pondering on the topic of prayer these days. Yesterday, Mira touched the subject of praying for the city in her sermon in church, and we put it into practise rightaway. Last Friday I was in Rotterdam doing student outreach, and again while talking to a foreign student, I felt the urge to pray for her. I did not do it on the spot, but challenged her to expect ‘results’ from my prayers these days. On Saturday I met one of our neighbours, for whom we’ve been praying a lot and who has seen miraculous recovery since then. He is now suffering from another problem, and I told him I’d pray for him again. Then, last night, I noticed that Tomas developed some skin rash (which is not uncommon since he suffers from allergies), so I prayed for him quite urgently. This morning part of his face is completely covered with the rash. I don’t really understand why this happens, while I’ve seen so many concrete results in the last few months. And that is what I am pondering on: does my conviction or sense of urgency contribute to the effectiveness of my prayers? And does it help when more people pray? Interesting questions. I’ll pray for some answers.

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