Willow Creek Leadership Summit: A Thousand Questions

An incredibly impacting video. See it and respond!

4 gedachtes over “Willow Creek Leadership Summit: A Thousand Questions

  1. To be honest… technically it’s very well done, but I’ve become a bit allergic for these kinda videos that are more or less artificially created. A real story of a real person ministering sacrifically in a township in Africa would impact me more.

  2. I understand and agree to some extent. I was however impacted by it. I liked the presentation of the bigger picture and the blend of artistic expressions (poetry, rap, music, video, drama) which obviously draws a crowd not very much attracted by a Metterdaad documentary…

    In the end, I guess most impact comes from being that real person ministering sacrificially yourself…

  3. Well, I agree a little with you both. It is hard to touch people’s heart. A plain documentary is boring and people switch to other channel. Even Youtubes like


    don’t people start to finally do something about it. As Compassion Advocate I am very glad that more than 1 million children are cared for. But each minute 20 children die of hunger, war, disease, bad water, etc.

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