Barack Obama’s inauguration speech

I was impressed with Obama’s speech from yesterday. As Mira and I got to talk about it, she assumed his speeches would be written by a professional speech writer. I wasn’t so sure, since he is a speech master himself – it has been one of his landmarks, so I figured he’d not leave it to somebody else and would be involved personally. I happened to cross Paul Abspoel’s post and comments on this, and through that found out about the interesting fact that a 27 year old guy is his senior writer. I found another article, basically saying we both are right 🙂 and describing how a speech like yesterday came to be. Read it here.

Update 27/1: VPRO aired a documentary last night on this same topic, and how Obama is in touch with the ‘Millennials Generation’ (born after ’82). Fascinating, although less about Favreau than expected. Watch it here (in Dutch with large portions of English).

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