Tourist route

israel-do30.jpgWhile on the walls, we saw a Bar Mitswa taking off. It is Thursday, traditionally one of the days that Bar Mitswa’s are celebrated at the Western Wall. So we set off to see what’s going on there. It turns out to be one big photo opportunity – the sunshine, the many colourful people, the traditions… it is almost too much to take J. We spend much time at the Wall, watching the celebrations. Things we know from books are reality here: men dancing together, kissing the Torah, fully into tradition, while modern-dressed and stylish women stand behind the fence cheering and taking pictures. Inside the closed part of the Wall to the left, we enter into yet another world: there are men everywhere reading and citing Torah, some sitting down, others standing in reverence. We walk out again, and notice an increasing crowd on the square. Many children (boys!) are around, entire school classes are together. As we don’t know what is happening, we walk out towards the City of David. When we asks someone what is happening, it turns out that there is indeed an event happening: school classes are gathering to pray for rain – which is much needed. We can hear the citing and singing all around the place.

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Watchmen on the wall

Thursday: our first full day in Jerusalem. In the morning we join Bart Repko with his walk on the Jerusalem Wall. Bart and his wife Joke are Dutchmen who through their ministry ‘Never Be Silent’ go on the walls every day to proclaim, prophesy and pray for Jerusalem and the people of Israel. I was quite curious to see how this would go. Sure enough, when we get to the meeting point there are some acquaintances from our former church in Amsterdam!

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Calling Jerusalem, Jerusalem calling

This Wednesday I will travel to Israel for the first time in my life. Expectations are skyhigh. I still have to meet the first person who thought I would not like it. I will be there for only a few days, but with an interesting group of people: leaders from 5 different national Agape-ministries. We will be meeting people, traveling around the country and trying … Lees verder Calling Jerusalem, Jerusalem calling

The white guru

In the Dutch Daily: Luisteren naar de blanke goeroe (‘Listening to the white guru’), a report on colleague Bram Krol meeting the Nepalese president. Bram’s ministry is amazing, especially in Nepal and in Congo where he is a revival preacher amongst the Pygmees. Thousands of people have come to Christ through his ministry, and the stories he can tell about it are legendary, such as … Lees verder The white guru