The white guru

In the Dutch Daily: Luisteren naar de blanke goeroe (‘Listening to the white guru’), a report on colleague Bram Krol meeting the Nepalese president. Bram’s ministry is amazing, especially in Nepal and in Congo where he is a revival preacher amongst the Pygmees. Thousands of people have come to Christ through his ministry, and the stories he can tell about it are legendary, such as the one where he has to run for his life in order to escape a hunting crowd – who want to hear him preach!

Last month he was in Nepal where he is considered a white guru, at the same level as the guru of the Kirati people. His extensive research has shown many elements in Kirati tradition that have judeaic and christian roots. This – with many other things – are input for a book he has been writing since 1997 on the spreading of the gospel through the entire world. He hopes to finish it somewhere this year. I’m looking forward to it!

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