Calling Jerusalem, Jerusalem calling

jerusalemThis Wednesday I will travel to Israel for the first time in my life. Expectations are skyhigh. I still have to meet the first person who thought I would not like it. I will be there for only a few days, but with an interesting group of people: leaders from 5 different national Agape-ministries. We will be meeting people, traveling around the country and trying to get some feeling with what’s going on.

Today was an interesting foretaste. In preparing the trip I read a call by passionate christians for an unconditional support to Israel – which I sure would like to respond to. Israel is Gods people, and they will always be, and I know that many times the information passed on to us about Israeli agression is false. But, reliable information from other sources reveal deliberate Israeli obstruction of humanitarian aid to Gaza. Many aid programs and organisations are ready to enter, but are not allowed access. What to think of it? At least that it is not black and white… We hope to have the privilege of meeting both Israeli and Arab Christian leaders to hear from them, learn from them and pray with them.

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  1. Mark, you might want to check out the Bethlehem Bible College while you are there. When I was in Jerusalem many years ago, I visited this Arabic evangelical Bible College and talked to the director. It was quite an interesting place.

    The director told me about families in Bethlehem who traced their Christian heritage back to the early church.
    Bill Sundstrom

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