Dinner talks

We return to the hotel to have dinner close by, in an Arab place recommended by our friends. It is a good place, and we all enjoy the humus and eggplant salads. We have made a list of topics to discuss: personal life, future of the ministry, movement building, and Agapè Europe. When we start talking it turns out that they are not so easy to separate. Tonight we end up talking about what we are actually trying to achieve as a movement. The international pay-off is ‘Movements everywhere’, which indicates that we want to see things getting stirred up, on the move, progressing. All that sounds good, but why would we want this? What things need to be moving? And where should they move to? Compare it to the civil rights movement: it is not about the movement as such, but about the goals of justice and human rights. Their slogan is not ‘civil rights movements everywhere’ but more something like ‘Justice for all’ or ‘Stop the traffic’. So, what is our movement about?

Most of us agreed that, although it surely has a good meaning, ‘movements everywhere’ is actually not a goal in itself, but rather a means, a strategy. Agapè UK talks about building people who want to ‘changing the status quo’, which comes closer to the goal, but still leaves the question open as to what the change is about. Although we don’t answer all these questions rightaway, it is very good to discuss, think and pray together about the focus.

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