In the footsteps of Jesus

Well, there is one prayer answered today! It is raining from early morning to late at night. We set off for Lake Galilee, where we want to spend some time today. Getting out of the city is quite a challenge, but after a while we find the right road: first down to Jericho and then north along the Jordan river to Tiberias. We notice how quick the scenery changes: just outside of Jerusalem the desert starts – a funny scene when it rains! The road winds down, we see poor nomadic people living in the hills, under one shabby roof with their cattle. Signs indicate the sea level: 0 meters, minus 150, and minus 300. To the right the Dead Sea appears: it is raining there as well. On the horizon we see the mountains of Jordan, to the right we see Jericho in the last sunshine of the day… We take the turn left towards Jericho. A couple of kilometers onwards, another classic picture: an accident between a car, a tractor and a donkey-and-cart; one of the wheels of the tractor is completely demolished, boys pull the cart away.

We are stopped at a checkpoint at the northside of the Westbank. The car is completely stripped down and four of us get a body check. My Dutch passport shows its value: I get it back without any question. And honestly, the way in which the checks are done are good: serious but friendly.

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