Report from Mexico-City

If you’re interested in first hand reports on the swine flu, read Joram’s blog. Joram is from our church, joined Agapè in January and is now working as a STINT (Short Term INTernational) for Agapè/Campus Crusade for Christ in Mexico-City. I guess he had expected a lot from his time there, but not this! “I […]

Promo: Impact Symposium

For all you Young Professionals out there: come and visit the Impact Symposium 2009 on May 16 in Houten! More info available at the Agape website or at

Agapè information night Almere

If you’re interested: come and visit the Agapè information night this next Wednesday, 15 april, in our church in Almere. We will tell a bit about Agape & our role and responsibilities, have our friends Arnaud and Anne share on the HQ-School, watch some video on Agape Media and talk about ‘living on support’. Place: […]

Jesus is alive – Happy Easter!

And another video with the New Testament story of Easter – Jesus is truly risen from the death! You might not really like Dolly Parton, but bear it to the end – it’s fenomenal.