Report from Mexico-City

If you’re interested in first hand reports on the swine flu, read Joram’s blog. Joram is from our church, joined Agapè in January and is now working as a STINT (Short Term INTernational) for Agapè/Campus Crusade for Christ in Mexico-City. I guess he had expected a lot from his time there, but not this!

“I just heard that I have to stay in my house until May 6th. What I hate the most about the situation is not just that I cannot leave the house (only for a walk, or grocery’s), but that you have to cancel all your plans and friends. Thursday (Queens day, a big holiday in Holland) I wanted to give a dutch party for my friends, last week we would have a Mexican diner with friends, this weekend we had a big event planned, yesterday we would have a birthday party and a goodbye party for the other missionaries here. Also we wanted to give a “quarantine-party” (yes we love parties, see pictures. These pictures are not meant to make fun of the situation!! It only shows that we have all confidence in everybody and in Somebody who will take care of us!) Now some people are leaving without having the opportunity to say goodbye to the others.. For myself I made a tight day-schedule, because I want to use my time properly, without wasting it on the computer, like now.. So that’s gonna be a lot of spanish-studying, biblestudy, get to know my roommates, playing bor(e)dgames..”

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