A brief history of the largest movement ever

Just imagine for a moment you live in the 1st century. You’ve hung out with this guy called Jesus, seen him do stuff you’ve never seen before and say stuff you’ve never heard before. Imagine you were there in 29 AD, when he was crucified after a hectic and very unfair trial. You probably looked at it from a distance, not knowing what to think or do. Imagine you were there with the other guys, afterwards, just to sit down and talk, when Jesus shows up again – looking differently but unmistakenly Jesus. Imagine hear him breathe over you and say: receive the Holy Spirit. Chances are you hardly know what he’s talking about – one of those Jesus things again. And then. A few days later, another place outside, you and your friends again. Jesus basically repeating what he said, then disappearing in the clouds… What a scene!

Imagine you are Dutch. Or not, but you know your way around Google Translate. Then read on in the sermon outline to read the rest of the story…

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