Resurrection power

Thursday afternoon. The phone rings. It is our friend John, saying he is in need of a little help and some encouragement. He says he wants to go to church on Sunday and Mira explains what, when and how. We are pleasantly surprised, as it is a place he has never been before in his life.

Easter Sunday, afternoon. Our service is going to be a little different than usual; a short time of worship, sermon and prayer, then out to the playground nearby to have a picnic lunch together. I am pleasantly surprised that John is there. Mira’s sermon is very short. She shares about the reality of the resurrection of Jesus (more proof than for Julius Ceasar’s existence) and shows a little clip of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. It is true transformation, new life out of the old. Nobody calls a butterfly a ‘transformed caterpillar’. That new life is given to us in Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit.

After service, John joins in for the picnic. As we are enjoying the food, he shares his heart: how he is suffering from negative feelings, how he is unable to maintain relationships the way he wants to, how he is failing in his marriage. I ask him what he thinks of the service. His response: I need to get on my feet again; I think I need some kind of a resurrection. For the third time this week, I am pleasantly surprised by John: his insight and ability to apply the message are remarkable. Pray with us that he will find the ultimate Resurrection Power.

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