Ten Things I Should…

Last Friday I turned 40. And although I was still only one day older than the day before, it seems to be quite a milestone to many people. Admittedly I made a little fuzz about it myself, which might have given the impression that I actually was nervous about it, which I don’t think is true. But then again – it is kind of a marker date and as such a good moment to look back and look ahead. So this is the first post in a series of two, the next one titled ‘Ten Things I Should Do In My Forties’.

And here is my list of the Ten Things I Should Have Done In My Thirties, more or less in random order:

10. Take a sabbatical

From June to November 2001 Mira and I, together with Rosa, spent 5 months abroad. First in Texas for a bible school, later in Mongolia for an ‘outreach’ – one month of all sorts of practical and spiritual help to the people there. This sabbatical has been life changing!

9. Make a lot of money

Once upon a time… long, long time ago…

8. Start a family

Check them out here

7. Finally grow up

You decide…

6. Make a career move to follow my heart

January 2004 I left my job as a management consultant with KPMG to join Agapè. Does that count for a career move?

5. Eat sparrow on a stick

Been there, done that. In Beijing, China, October 2001. Not recommended.

4. Learn Mongolian

Started but DNF – every now and then I try it again by listening to this wonderful Mongolian Worship song

3. Blog

I once started with this post – on a different url and in a different layout, but hey!

2. Twitter


1. Get a life

Consider it done. I am extremely grateful for what this last decade has brought. The birth of 4 kids (one of whom is with Jesus from the day before he was born), a solid love with the most beautiful and gifted woman on earth, a deepening understanding of God, Jesus and myself; a job that is much more than just a job but a very rewarding ministry; friends both close by and all around the world. Truly a fulfilling life, if I may say so. This does not mean there have been no challenges. We’ve had our share of loss and grief (even recently with the loss of my dad), of relational, financial and spiritual challenges. But in the midst of them has always been the comforting assurance that God is there. He is the real source and sustainer of life and He has proven himself to be faithful. I guess I’m ready for the next 40 years…

Feel free to add your own list of things that you think I should have done while I was in my thirties.

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