On the road to Cape Town 2010: how to follow

Yes, it’s almost there. 4 more nights and I’ll be on the actual road to CapeTown. By now, everything is ready and set for the conference. I am privileged to personally attend, but for those of you who will not be there – don’t worry. Here is a list of sites, blogs, and twitters to help you follow the event as if you were there yourself:

The official CapeTown 2010 site

and the official blog

Participate online

Follow CapeTown2010 on Twitter and watch these Twitter hashtags: #CapeTown2010 #LCWE #CapeTownIdeas #CapeTownQuotes

Join Lausanne on Facebook

or go to iTunes for the audio and video podcasts. All streams will be available within 5 hrs after delivery.

Apart from this, I will probably be blogging in Dutch as well on this site and /or other sites with some of the other Dutch participants. On EA Kerkweb Jaap Ketelaar and I will try post a daily videoblog (depending on technical availability).

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