God’s warriors

God’s warriorsLast week I came across a nice new resource for audio sermons: the Woodland hills Church in St. Paul (USA). This is Greg Boyd’s church, and you might know Greg Boyd from the book ‘Letters from a skeptic’, which is a correspondence between Greg and his father about the claims of Christianity. Less widely known, at least here at this side of the ocean, are his other works. I read ‘God at war‘, a controversial book about the origins of good and evil, challenging some classic Christian worldviews. Anyway. There are tons of sermons available for download, so I listened the most recent ones. Turns out this guy is in CNN’s ‘God’s Warriors’ – a trilogy documentary about religious fundamentalism.

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Korea, missionaries and martyrdom

Right after the Campus Mission conference in South-Korea early July, the dramatic events with the Korean missionaries/aid workers in Afghanistan started. As I have been sharing my experiences and the wider stories of Korea since my visit here and there, I was especially intrigued by these developments. Today I read an interesting article in the ‘Dutch Daily’, where a German missiologist confirms my thoughts that … Lees verder Korea, missionaries and martyrdom

World Missions

This weekend I have been preparing my upcoming trips to Switzerland and Korea, and because of that I’m all into world missions right now. Tomorrow I leave for the Swiss Mountains, to ‘share hearts’ with my colleagues from 12 different nations. We will be in a mountain lodge at 2.000 m. altitude, close to Zermatt, for 5 days. After extremely tiresome weeks (mostly stress I … Lees verder World Missions

EO’s Youth Day

We were invited to the annual EO Youth Day in Arnhem. Some 34.000 young christians from around The Netherlands gathered to celebrate, worship and be inspired. We had a great time, since it was already some years ago that we were young enough to visit the event. Now, in a different capacity, we had the privilege to be ‘upstairs’ with some guests, have a drink … Lees verder EO’s Youth Day