Hope21 networking

Had an interesting day in Haarlem at a networking day organised by the Evangelical Alliance and Hoop21. Our colleague Hans Luttik hosted the day. I am truly impressed with the way things are developing in Haarlem. Churches are working together, trying to seize opportunities to make a positive difference in the city. In the morning I joined the workshop with Jos Douma, pastor of the … Lees verder Hope21 networking

50 Days

Back in the old days (“B.C.”), Pentecost was the celebration of the Giving of the Law. An interesting fact, if you take into account that there was not much to celebrate when the Law was actually given. Because of inobedience and ignorance, 3.000 people died after Moses had come down with the 10 commandments in stone.No, I’d rather have the new days (“A.D.”), where Pentecost … Lees verder 50 Days