Paid work

Hired my first external consultant today. It’s really fun to be at the other side of the table, having someone work for you… We have some issues to solve around logistics and inventory management, it is kind of messy and nobody knows exactly what’s going on. Since I lack the knowledge and time as well, I figured the only real solution was to buy it … Lees verder Paid work

Old friends

Today our old friends Hans and Andrea paid us a visit with their 3 kids. We had not seen them for a long time. Hans and I used to be best friends in our teens, we (or especially Hans) were infamous in church and far beyond. Basically since I moved to Amsterdam 11 years ago, the contact got loose. In the meantime Hans lost his … Lees verder Old friends

Back in town

I’m back from Kandern. It has been a great time. I’ve had the opportunity to meet with a lot of people from the Agapè European office and the Orlando international office. I am inspired in many ways to align our own ministry with Europe and the international movement. I think there is a lot more to get from Europe than most of us are aware, … Lees verder Back in town

High touch – an answer to High tech

Hanspeter Nüesch, Director of Campus für Christus Switzerland, lectured on societal developments and the christian response to it. Here are some of his remarks, mixed with some of mine: We live in a high tech, fast moving, information-overloaded, pluralistic society. Alltogether we can state that it suffers from two megatrends: a lack of love (a love deficit) – people yearn for devotion, intimacy a lack … Lees verder High touch – an answer to High tech

Swiss retreat

Yesterday night I returned from Switzerland. I was invited to join the leadership of Campus für Christus (Agape’s sister-ministry) in a two-day retreat. CfC Switzerland is in many ways similar to Agape NL, so Hans thought is was a good idea to visit them and to see what and how they have done things. It was an interesting experience, I must say. We gathered in … Lees verder Swiss retreat