De wereld volgens Sara

En toen opeens kwamen we er achter dat Sara een hele telefoon vol met filmpjes heeft van de afgelopen anderhalf jaar… Originele, leuke, grappige en soms helemaal niet grappige dingetjes die ze laat zien uit haar leven. Spelen met PlayMobil, het weerbericht, een rondje door het huis of gewoon gek doen met haar zus en […]

Drunk, angry, stupid – and blogging

Last night I watched The Social Network, the movie on Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. I was anxious to learn about the start of Facebook and to understand some of the concepts behind it. And yes, I got some insights – but quite different than I expected. The plot is built around two simultaneous law suits […]

Resurrection power

Thursday afternoon. The phone rings. It is our friend John, saying he is in need of a little help and some encouragement. He says he wants to go to church on Sunday and Mira explains what, when and how. We are pleasantly surprised, as it is a place he has never been before in his […]

Jesus is alive – Happy Easter!

And another video with the New Testament story of Easter – Jesus is truly risen from the death! You might not really like Dolly Parton, but bear it to the end – it’s fenomenal.

Happy Newyear

Happy Newyear to all of you! Of course, we had some fun these days on the ice.