High touch – an answer to High tech

Hanspeter Nüesch, Director of Campus für Christus Switzerland, lectured on societal developments and the christian response to it. Here are some of his remarks, mixed with some of mine: We live in a high tech, fast moving, information-overloaded, pluralistic society. Alltogether we can state that it suffers from two megatrends: a lack of love (a love deficit) – people yearn for devotion, intimacy a lack … Lees verder High touch – an answer to High tech

Swiss retreat

Yesterday night I returned from Switzerland. I was invited to join the leadership of Campus für Christus (Agape’s sister-ministry) in a two-day retreat. CfC Switzerland is in many ways similar to Agape NL, so Hans thought is was a good idea to visit them and to see what and how they have done things. It was an interesting experience, I must say. We gathered in … Lees verder Swiss retreat

We’re back

Yes, we’re back after a good 3 weeks of holiday. We had a great time in France: perfect weather, nice camping, plenty of time to do nothing. Today I got back in the office. It was closed during our vacation, so I didn’t miss a lot of things. The mailman had brought good and bad news while we were out: we (Agape) seem to be … Lees verder We’re back


Yes, tomorrow is the big day: we are going on holiday! We have packed the caravan, cleaned the house and are praying for better weather. We are going to Normandy, France for two weeks with my parents’ trailer. I hope to finish a couple of books I already started and to read a couple of new ones. But most of all I hope for a … Lees verder Holiday


Cool stuff: w.bloggar. If you see this post, w.bloggar works… It is an ‘interface between you and your blog’, as their website says. It seems to work pretty cool, much easier to upload pictures and format a post. No need to login on (in my case) blogger.com, once you have the account in place, double click the icon and there you go.Maybe this helps me … Lees verder w.bloggar