A strange world…

200803-diversen-011.jpg I”m in a strange mood, or rather: a strange world… Today at 12.21 I put an ad online to sell our car. Five minutes later I was in another world of suspense, deals, money, maybe even crime… About one minute after the ad was online, the phone rang. I could hardly believe it: someone was interested and wanted to negotiate straightaway. So we did, and we agreed he would come by later this afternoon.

Fifteen minutes later, the phone rings again.
‘This is Mark de Boer.’
‘Hello, there?’ Lees verder “A strange world…”


Some of you have already noticed: Mira was on tv tonight, in a show called ‘Eigen huis & Tuin’. And some of you might also have noticed something was wrong there… If you want to know what, you can see the show again at the RTL4 website (look for Sat 8 March, Eigen Huis & Tuin). See if you can solve the puzzle… Lees verder TV

EO’s Youth Day

We were invited to the annual EO Youth Day in Arnhem. Some 34.000 young christians from around The Netherlands gathered to celebrate, worship and be inspired. We had a great time, since it was already some years ago that we were young enough to visit the event. Now, in a different capacity, we had the privilege to be ‘upstairs’ with some guests, have a drink … Lees verder EO’s Youth Day