De heilige kerker

U hebt mij onder in de kuil gelegd, in het duister van de diepte. Uw toorn drukt zwaar op mij, uw golven slaan over mij heen. Bekenden hebt u van mij vervreemd, afgrijzen roep ik bij hen op, ik ben ingesloten en zie geen uitweg meer. […] Mijn beste vrienden hebt u van mij vervreemd, […]

In the footsteps of Jesus

Well, there is one prayer answered today! It is raining from early morning to late at night. We set off for Lake Galilee, where we want to spend some time today. Getting out of the city is quite a challenge, but after a while we find the right road: first down to Jericho and then […]

Dinner talks

We return to the hotel to have dinner close by, in an Arab place recommended by our friends. It is a good place, and we all enjoy the humus and eggplant salads. We have made a list of topics to discuss: personal life, future of the ministry, movement building, and Agapè Europe. When we start […]

Tourist route

While on the walls, we saw a Bar Mitswa taking off. It is Thursday, traditionally one of the days that Bar Mitswa’s are celebrated at the Western Wall. So we set off to see what’s going on there. It turns out to be one big photo opportunity – the sunshine, the many colourful people, the […]

Watchmen on the wall

Thursday: our first full day in Jerusalem. In the morning we join Bart Repko with his walk on the Jerusalem Wall. Bart and his wife Joke are Dutchmen who through their ministry ‘Never Be Silent’ go on the walls every day to proclaim, prophesy and pray for Jerusalem and the people of Israel. I was […]

Israel arrival

Today is the day: I’ll be flying to Israel for a 6-day trip together with 5 colleagues from different countries. I have an early flight, and even before take-off Jerusalem is calling again. This time it is my Arab friend, with whom we will have dinner tonight. We set the details and I am off […]

Calling Jerusalem, Jerusalem calling

This Wednesday I will travel to Israel for the first time in my life. Expectations are skyhigh. I still have to meet the first person who thought I would not like it. I will be there for only a few days, but with an interesting group of people: leaders from 5 different national Agape-ministries. We […]