Come, help change the world!

The founding father of Campus Crusade for Christ (of which Agapè is the Dutch branch), Bill Bright, wrote a number of books during his lifetime. One thing that he was very good at was choosing the title: Revolution Now! is my favourite, but I also like the one that heads this post. It came to […]

Orange leadership lessons

I had planned to post a blog on ‘Orange Leadership Lessons’ last week, when things were still very different from today. This is what I would have come up with: The Dutch stun the world… with a sudden, unexpected performance at the Euro 2008 soccer championship. What is their secret? Is there anything to learn […]

No Opwekking

This year no Opwekking conference for me (I wasn’t a regular visitor anyway). I’ll take off for London this afternoon for a consultation on reaching leaders… sounds impressive, especially when you see the website ( But seriously, I’m looking forward to meeting with good folk and learn about ‘bothering with leaders‘…

The leader’s dilemma’s

Had an interesting meeting today with a so-called Christian Leadership Council, with about 60 people from different areas of society (business, non-profit, politics, academia). Cees Boele, Chairman of christian college CHE in Ede, hosted the event. He shared some interesting thoughts and observations about education and personal development, as well as a personal evaluation of […]

Next Generation Leader Development

Last week Marc van der Woude and myself were invited to give some input at an Agape Europe meeting concerning Leader Development. Marc made some great comments on the basics of leader development: Nothing can replace living/walking with Christ. People who breathe the presence of Christ impart even without teaching. Train with multiplication in mind […]

Honoring the Founding Father

Yesterday we said goodbye to Jan Kits, founding father of Agapè in The Netherlands. Almost 40 years ago he met Bill Bright, who challenged him to come and help change the world, and so Jan did… Agapè was founded in 1969 as ‘Campus Crusade for Christ’, and Jan led the ministry as a National Director […]

Out of holiday, into retreat

After a Christmas Holiday, it is now time for a retreat… tomorrow I join some 20 other people in a 3-day retreat of prayer and fasting in Doorn (close to our office, actually). It will be my first time of ‘real’ fasting; I have skipped a lunch or two in my life, but never did […]

Sharing hearts in the Swiss Mountains

An successful experiment: this video was uploaded directly from my mobile phone! (I think it is kind of costly, I will find out at the end of the month :-)). It shows the place I was last week, together with the colleagues from Western Europe. Not too bad, as you can see… Stories to follow.

Good news, only good news

Back after another event… this time the Rafael Almere leadership retreat. We were with some 50 people in Nunspeet for a long weekend to seek God, share vision, be trained and go out… The topic was The Great Commission, and Mira and I had the opportunity to share some (many) things around evangelism and discipleship. […]

Touching base… and off again

It has been silent on this blog, and it probably will be for another while. Last week I was at Mallorca, attending the Agape Europe Leadership Forum. Yes, one of those suffering for the Lord occasions… but seriously, it was hard work. We had a two day intensive team training followed by a three day […]