A strange world…

200803-diversen-011.jpg I”m in a strange mood, or rather: a strange world… Today at 12.21 I put an ad online to sell our car. Five minutes later I was in another world of suspense, deals, money, maybe even crime… About one minute after the ad was online, the phone rang. I could hardly believe it: someone was interested and wanted to negotiate straightaway. So we did, and we agreed he would come by later this afternoon.

Fifteen minutes later, the phone rings again.
‘This is Mark de Boer.’
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Stormy weather

Yes, the thunderstorm last Thursday hit us as it did many other places. Unfortunately, the fence in our backyard did not survive. Encouraged by my dear wife, I did some repair work, so the fence is up since Saturday and still going strong.Near the office a large branch hit a colleague’s car, and later an entire tree came down, crashing the paper container and almost … Lees verder Stormy weather