Summer holiday pictures

Uploaded a few pictures from the summer holiday. We first visited Switzerland to celebrate aunt Annie and uncle Wilfred’s 50’th wedding anniversary. Then we moved on to France and spent almost 2 weeks around the marvelous Lac de Serre-Ponçon, near Gap. It has been great.


These are special days: the trees near the entry roads into Almere are in full blossom. I took my bike and shot a few pictures. Click below for the first 8, click here for the entire set.

Het digitale putdeksel

Ongelofelijk maar waar: ik heb een fotowedstrijd gewonnen. Het kostte even tijd om ‘m in te lijsten, maar hier is’tie dan: de Putjesperspectief wisseltrofee! Het was een ex aequo met Jaco Kazius, wat ik gezien diens artistieke kwaliteiten als een groot compliment beschouw… De winnende foto publiceerde ik onlangs al hier en is ook hier […]

Poetic Mosaic

This picture was chosen by Rob Haster to write a beautiful poem on (in Dutch). Thanks Rob, I feel honored by it. The poem is about the stones of the mosaic – each one made with love, but also made to be part of the whole. Read it and enjoy.

Newyear’s tradition

We spent the afternoon in Nature Reserve Oostvaardersplassen, between Almere and Lelystad. It is a fairly large and very beautiful area, with lots of wildlife. Over the many visits we’ve spotted red stags, konikhorses, foxes, oxes, predators and many different bird species. There is even an eagle’s nest, but we have not seen them yet. […]

Winter in Almere

Wow, what a wonderful weekend that was. The most perfect skating weather we’ve seen in many, many years, combined with perfect ice to skate on… And so did almost the entire country. The five of us took the skates and slide and went to the Oostvaardersplassen, a beautiful place nearby, where last week the official […]

Best shots so far

We made a walk through the Bosrandpark (Forestside Park), the park right behind our house. It is a nice area with a small section of ‘real forest’, where you actually walk between the trees and feel like you’re out in the countryside. Of course I took the camera to make some pictures. I managed to […]