The good, the bad & the ugly

Afgelopen zondag mocht ik na lange tijd weer eens spreken in ons eigen kerkje en ik deed dat onder de mooie noemer in de titel van deze post. (Voor wie het niet wist: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly is ook de titel van een Italiaans-Amerikaanse ‘spaghetti-western’; drie mannen die naar het wilde Westen […]

Summarizing Acts

Today we closed the sermon series on Acts in our church. Acts is a fascinating book (the 5th one of the New Testament and the second by author Luke) describing the dynamic development of the first-century church. The series was built around 10 main figures (or groups) in the story of Acts, each one representing […]

A brief history of the largest movement ever

Just imagine for a moment you live in the 1st century. You’ve hung out with this guy called Jesus, seen him do stuff you’ve never seen before and say stuff you’ve never heard before. Imagine you were there in 29 AD, when he was crucified after a hectic and very unfair trial. You probably looked […]

Money, money, money

My life has been circling around the topic of money for the last couple of months. In Agapè we are still running the campaign of ‘Funding the Family Business’, dealing with the changes in our structure of staff finances. Not only will staff be employed in the near future, for many this is also the […]

No condemnation!

During the summer, I was struck again by the radical message: in Jesus, there is no condemnation anymore! Everything that needed condemnation and punishment was dealt with at the cross two thousand years ago – even our future sins! When we accept Jesus’ sacrifice, we don’t have to live with guilt or shame anymore. On […]